Who are we?

Coach 4 Recovery is an online service that provides support from certified mindfulness based recovery coaches.

Why Us?

Coach 4 Recovery offers those struggling with compulsive/addictive activities the opportunity to work through specific work books designed to assist in creating mindful awareness. This in turn can enable you to have greater opportunity obtaining long term sobriety and recovery.


Coach 4 Recovery offers a unique supportive experience. Your recovery coach focus on helping you create a balanced relationship to the eight specific domains of recovery. This is done through a compassionate progressive process that is judgement free.

Thank You!

Coach 4 Recovery wants to thank you for your trust. We would like to commend you on the courageous step you are taking by reaching out to us. Addiction leaves us feeling alone and with Coach 4 Recovery it no longer has to feel that way. Coach 4 Recovery is a low cost high quality coaching subscription service that is all online. All you need is a cell phone or computer and a private space.